CNC Forming

Multi-axis CNC press brakes and a robotic bending cell at our job shop enable us to consistently manufacture formed sheet metal parts suitable for challenging applications.

Precision formed parts can be fabricated from a range of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, copper and galvanized steel.

Our extensive CNC forming capabilities allow us to bend parts to close tolerances. The Astro 100MHE robotic bending cell handles both high and low volume forming tasks to fabricate parts.

Based on your specific material strength, material thickness, and application requirements, our skilled press brake operators will program unique bend sequences and instructions required to run the robotic bending cell. Our CNC press brakes allow us to handle a wide range of forming operations involving complex, tapered bends and multiple bend sequences.

With our solid modeling capability, we can ensure that many parameters, such as fit between assemblies and formability, are within specifications. This occurs before actual fabrication begins, so we can eliminate wasted time and money during fabrication.

Used 1997 88 Ton Amada Astro-100 FBD-III-8025 CNC Robotic Press Bra...


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