CNC Machining

YORK HAVEN FABRICATORS’ machining division provides unsurpassed quality and delivery of part orders, from low volume prototypes to high volume production runs.

We strive to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements for quality and on-time delivery.  From beginning to end, our customers’ needs are met using State of the Art programming software, new high end CNC machining, and the latest in inspection technologies. Employees with decades of manufacturing & engineering experience oversee each and every aspect of all work.

Feature Okuma Horizontal Mill MB5000 Okuma Turn Lathe LB300EXMYW

Okuma Vertical Mill M560V

Machining Processes 3-D Milling
High- Speed Machining
Thread Milling
3 – D Milling
High – Speed Machining
Travel X: 29.92”
Y: 29.92”
Z: 29.92”
X: 10.23”
Y: 4.53”
Z: 35.24”
X: 41.34”
Y: 22.05”
Y: 18.11”
Rapid Traverse X: 2362 IPM
Y: 2362 IPM
Z: 2362 IPM
X: 984 IPM
Y: 492 IPM
Z: 1181 IPM
X: 1575 IPM
Y: 1575 IPM
Z: 1260 IPM
Axis 4 5 Controlled Axis 5
Capabilities CAT 40 Spindle
15000 RPM
110 Tool Capacity
Part and Tool Probe
Pallet Changer
*19.69” x 19.69” pallets
*(2) 8 Station vise Tombstones
* 1100 lbs Capacity
(2) Opposing Spindles CAT 40 Spindle
Full “C” Axis on both spindle 15000 RPM
12 Toll Capacity 32 Tool Capacity
10” Main Spindle Chuck Part and Tool Probe
* 12” Max Turn Diameter
* 3.14” bar
* 3500 RPM
6” Sub-Spindle Chuck
* 5000 RPM
CAT 40 Spindle
15000 RPM
32 Tool Capacity
Part and Tool Probe

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