Lasers & Turret Punch Presses

York Haven Fabricators’ commitment to being at the forefront of modern technology is most evident in our blanking department. We are able to utilize technology to its fullest by maintaining state-of- the- art equipment and extremely skilled and formally trained personnel.

Laser cutting services are met using three state-of-the-art Amada lasers with automation and material towers with load and unload capabilities. We are able to cut 24/7 from an assortment of metals with cutting table up to 5’ X 10’.  Repositioning capability allows us to cut up to 16’ long sheets on two of our Pulsar lasers. These fast, powerful lasers, combined with automation, results in quick turnaround of customers’ orders while consistently holding tight tolerances.  Our Amada Pulsar lasers also have the capabilities to cut Lexan, Acrylic, Nomex and Wood.

Equipment Watt Power Automation

Material Gauge & Type

Amada LC-3015F1 NF 4000 16 shelves / 8-station Nozzle changer automatically changes, cleans and calibrates the nozzle. 1/2" Steel, 3/8" Alum & SS
Amada Pulsar 4000 9 Shelves 1/2" Steel, 3/8" Alum & SS
Amada Pulsar 2000 Manual Load
Mitsubishi Fiber Laser 8000 8 shelves 1" Steel, Alum, & SS

Pre-Owned LC-3015F1 4 kW with LST - AMADA EUmetal formingNew Mitsubishi Mitsubishi eX-F80 8kW Fiber Laser Laser Cutting Machines in  EMU PLAINS, NSW

CNC punching services are met using a pair of 45 station Amada 22- ton punch presses. They perform flawless punching on aluminum, steel and stainless steel and are equipped with auto-indexing stations and tapping capabilities.

Feature Amada EM2510NT Turret Punch Amada AE255NT Turret Punch
Press Capacity: 22 Tons 22 Tons
Turret Stations: 45 Stations w/ 4 Auto-Indexing 45 Stations w/ 4 Auto-Indexing
Axis Travel: X: 50.00”
Y: 98.425”
X: 50.00”
Y: 50.00”
Sheet Size: X: 120.00”
Y: 50.00”
X: 96.00”
Y: 48.00”
Punching Accuracy: +/- 0.004” +/- 0.004”
Hit Rate (hits per minute): 1” Pitch X: 500 / Y: 330
.039” Pitch X: 780 / Y: 515
Marking X: 1800 / Y: 830
1” Pitch X: 370 / Y: 275
.039” Pitch X: 900 / Y: 900
Marking X: 900 / Y: 900
Material: Steel & Galvanized up to .120”
Stainless Steel up to .120”
Aluminum up to .250”
Copper up to .250”
Brass up to .250”
Steel & Galvanized up to .120”
Stainless Steel up to .120”
Aluminum up to .250”
Copper up to .250”
Brass up to .250”
Automation: Single sheet load and unload

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